Pride policy on 'Legal Highs'

Pride has a strict NO Psychoactive substances (legal highs) policy.

What are they ?
'Formally known as Legal Highs' they are unregulated substances that mimic the effects of illegal drugs and can be just as dangerous. There are many different kinds and they are often labelled 'Not for human consumption' to get around the law. They are legal but can still be very harmful.

The Effects
Some will make you feel 'up', some make you woozy and others make you feel trippy. As with illegal drugs, there could be unpleasant side effects such as your heart beating too fast, feeling dizzy or passing out. There is often a comedown period where users may feel sick, anxious, bad tempered or paranoid.

How Much is too much ?
Even a very small dose can have unpredictable and unwanted effects, as very few of these substances have been tested. The active chemicals can vary dramatically even with products which have the same name. 'Legal Highs' can also contain illegal drugs. Using large quantities increases the risk of side effects or overdose. Combining with other drugs and alcohol also increases the risks.

Are they permitted at Pride ?
NO. Because of the dangers, risks and unpredictability, the sale and possession of Legal Highs won’t be permitted at Pride and many other festivals in the UK. You will have them confiscated and you will be refused entry or escorted from the site.

Laughing Gas
Also known as Noz (nitrous oxide) laughing gas has gained in popularity at festivals in recent years. Many festivals have now banned it. The major risk of harm derives from its strong intoxicating effects and loss of bodily control. Combining with other substances and alcohol increases the risk of physical injury.

Look after yourself and your mates
It’s really important to seek help immediately if you or your friends become unwell. Never allow them to take more substances to 'straighten up'; this will just make them worse. At Pride, there are welfare and medical points on site where you can seek help if needed. Please ask security or stewards to direct you as you won't be in trouble, they are there to help.

Where can I learn more ? is an independent website backed by experts. It includes plenty of films and information on all the main legal highs and club drugs plus their effects and potential harms. It is important to learn about these substances so you and your friends can stay safe and enjoy the festival.